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Revolve Softech can help you to use Salesforce™ for monitoring and
tracking every step of the real estate sales cycle, so that your business can
always remain coordinated and efficient. Our Salesforce™ solutions for real estate help
property buyers in making the large transactions easily.

Our expertise on Real Estate
Our team of seasoned professionals with experience on Real Estate industry have implementation, customization and integration experience with varied complexity levels on the Salesforce™ ecosystem.


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Why Salesforce for Real Estate?

Salesforce™ solutions can be applied to any aspect of the
real estate industry, including both residential and commercial purchases.
Salesforce helps to store data from various sources such as customers and prospects
in one centralized location, allowing quick access and easy tabulation.
Reduce response time to accommodate your customers’ busy schedules,
and access messages from any internet enabled device.


Salesforce™ solutions for Real Estate

Sales Cloud™
Nurture leads and manage sales processes seamlessly using Sales cloud™. Create guided selling paths, use collaborative forecasts and manage sales flow.
Salesforce CPQ™
Streamline your quote, order and renewal process using salesforce™ Configure-Price-Quote tool. Sales reps can create quotes using product bundles and configurations to automate repeated tasks.
Service Cloud™
Provide multiple support channels for your customers using salesforce service cloud™, automate case assignments and provide support based on entitlements.
Marketing Cloud™
Create personalized marketing journeys and interactions using cross channel communication tools available within Marketing cloud™.
Community Cloud™
Use communities to have your customer collaborate and access the information about their purchases and support requests.
Customer 360
Connect the salesforce clouds together to have a single system with customer 360 view for staying ahead in game.


Our clients are able to increase end-user productivity without sacrificing usability.

  • Auto-Respond
    Record personalized messages to auto-respond to clients when you don't have reps to respond, which increases buyer faith and cordial relations.
  • Automations
    Salesforce carry out smaller, repetitive tasks like sending out reminders and tracking important dates, so you can focus on important activities like acquiring new clients.
  • Intuitive Interface
    Quick loading and efficient user interfaces enhance aesthetics and customer satisfaction, accelerating the productivity of your sales team.


We help to advise and deploy the right solution CUSTOMISED + COST EFFECTIVE + SCALEABLE
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