SFMC Managed Services

Marketing Cloud™– Agency Services

We have services specifically designed for the clients using Marketing Cloud™ which lets you focus
on the campaign strategy and we work with you for the execution and analytics handling all the
aspects of the Marketing cloud™. We have teams help you manage Email Studio™, Social Studio™,
Mobile Studio™, Advertising Studio™, Marketing Cloud™ Einstein™ and systems such as Return Path™.
Our solution section has more details around what we offer, allowing customers to choose a specific solution or all of them.

Comprehensive IT services include

HTML Templates
Our team of HTML developers will be responsible to create email templates basis the PSD’s provided by client.
Email validations
We run all the required validations making sure the template meets all the criteria i.e must have information, personalization strings, responsive etc.
Dynamic templates (AmpScript™)
If you need support with AmpScript™ for creating dynamic content on your email or handle some backend activities managing SSJS or AmpScript™ our team has professional available for that support.
Audience Management
We work with client team to create and manage targeted segments ensuring our campaigns reach to intended recipients and customer preferences in terms of frequency, type of communications are respected.
Campaign Execution
We perform all the test runs, take required approvals from stakeholders and execute and monitor the campaign progress.
We have inhouse team of Google™ Analytics professionals to provide reports on Weekly/Monthly schedule ensuring we can measure the campaign success.
Support on Additional Tools
If you are using additional tools such as Return Path™, stripo™, Custora™ with your Marketing Cloud™ system. We are equipped to provide support if needed.
Journey Planning
We work with stakeholders to plan and execution of customer journey’s to drive engagements and ensure relevant communications are sent to customers.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • One stop shop
    We provide support on everything which you need support on your marketing platform. So you can focus on business and we handle the systems.
  • SFMC 360
    We have experience managing as well as implementing everything on Marketing Cloud™ including but not limited to- Email Studio™, Mobile Studio™, Social Studio™, Advertising Studio™, Personalization Builder™ etc. So when you work with Revolve Softech you are working with a single team to handle everything you need on Marketing Cloud™.
  • Cost Effective
    Our support plan includes everything you need to manage your SFMC reducing the resource cost which is needed to hire individuals. Also, since everything is handled by one Company there is no time lost between communications and approvals.
  • Increased efficiency
    You’ll have your IT needs outsourced to a team of IT experts, and during times where you need additional project support, your managed IT provider supplies the extra staff.
  • Beyond Marketing Cloud
    Since, we are a Salesforce Multi cloud team our experience does stop with Marketing cloud and our consultants build and manage systems on Sales, Service and other clouds on Salesforce ecosystem. Working with Revolve is like working with a team which can help you everything on Salesforce ecosystem.


If you are not happy with your ROI, we can help you identify and fix the issues. TECHNOLOGY is ONLY ONE PART of THE SOLUTION
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