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CRM Integration Services

We Revolve Softech one of the Salesforce Integration Partners will enrich your Salesforce™ CRM™
data by connecting your Salesforce™ instance to ERP, OMS or other Salesforce™ Clouds.
Our team of consultants can help you define and chalk out the integration architecture using the available
API’s and web services. As a preferred Multi cloud experts we have tons of experience integrating
Salesforce™ clouds to use the data and create a customer 360 experience.

Salesforce™ native Integrations

Salesforce™ has come out with native connectors which help you connect two or more
salesforce™ clouds together allowing you to have a complete 360 view of your customer interactions.

Sales/Service Cloud to Marketing Cloud
Utilizing the native connector known as Marketing cloud™ connect we can connect your Sales/Service Cloud™ with Marketing cloud™ allowing the following
  • Move data from Object such as Lead, Account, contact, Opportunities and Orders from Sales/Service to SFMC.
  • Fire a Journey in SFMC using create/update event on Sales/Service Cloud™.
  • Manage subscriber “Email” preferences between systems.
  • Send a SFMC based template from Sales/Service Cloud™.
SFCC to Marketing Cloud
Utilizing the cartridge built on SFCC, we can connect Commerce cloud™ with Marketing cloud™ to perform the following activities
  • Bring newsletter subscription from SFCC to SFMC.
  • Bring Order information from SFCC to SFMC.
  • Replace the transactional emails (order confirmation, Account create etc) to fire from SFMC in place of SFCC.
  • Add the tracking codes to measure Web Analytics data and create journey’s based on those events.
SFCC to Sales/Service Cloud™
Utilizing the native connector we can have the following data moved from SFCC to Sales/Service Cloud™
  • Customer information
  • Order and Order products
  • Products and prices
Community Cloud™ to Marketing Cloud™
Integrate community cloud™ with Marketing cloud ™to fire an email based on a community event such as
  • User joins a community
  • User creates a case
  • User buys a product
Salesforce Partner

Salesforce™ Connect

Salesforce™ Connect is a framework that enables you to view, search, and modify data that’s stored outside your Salesforce™ org. It is a product for which you need to purchase a separate license. You can integrate tables from SAP® NetWeaver Gateway, Microsoft Dynamics® NAV, and many other data sources in real time without writing a single line of code.

Get in touch with us one of the best Salesforce Integration Partners to analyze if this product is a good fit for your use case or not.

Salesforce Integration Partners

Our team of expert developers have experience providing your making an informed decision when it comes to integration with a system. We have experience integrating with almost all available systems such as ERP (SAP™, JDE™)  OMS (Sterling™, Salesforce™ OMS etc).

We work with client teams to analyze the integration requirements, use cases, schedule and information and come up with a plan to have the integration built between systems ensuring we stay within governor limits and provide maximum functionality.

We help to advise and deploy the right solution CUSTOMISED + COST EFFECTIVE + SCALEABLE
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